Letter: Bandstand is a disgrace to town

Centre Vale Park, Todmorden bandstand
Centre Vale Park, Todmorden bandstand

David Tattersall knows the answer to the question he asks in last week’s letters page “Heritage Trail cash could be better spent”.

Councillor Tattersall knows it was not a question of either the trail or the bandstand, so I’m not sure why he raises that now. He seems to just pour cold water on the efforts of local people doing their best to help the park.

At the time it was made clear to the town council, as it had to Calderdale Council and to the Friends of Centre Vale Park, that the Heritage Lottery Fund would not consider the bandstand for funding. If the Friends were going to seek HLF funds to achieve some park improvements it could not, unfortunately, include the bandstand.

As a result of consultation, which had good responses from nearly 300 people in the town, the Friends added natural history information to the trail, and the HLF application was put forward at the beginning of this year.

We could not have done that without the support of the town council. The committee of which Councillor Tattersall is the chairman granted the Friends of Centre Vale Park £2,000 to help prepare the application for the trail. Has he forgotten?

His committee has been given the results of the consultation, and the Friends consider themselves accountable to both the town council and to Calderdale Council, who own the park, not to mention the HLF itself which will watch very carefully every part of the project. It is therefore nonsense to say this funding is “without accountability or consultation”.

So perhaps we can leave one councillor’s mean-spirited complaint behind and ask town councillors to concentrate on how they can help the bandstand.

Anyone who is a friend of the park feels deeply sad and rather helpless about the state the bandstand has been allowed to get into. At the moment it is a disgrace to the town.

I heard that the town council might consider funding a feasibility study to see what can realistically be done. I’m sure everyone in the town would back that commitment, if it is a commitment, and say “Let’s just get on with it”.