Improvements needed further up the road

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It’s interesting to know (February 13) that 150,000 spectators will be in Calderdale for the Tour de France.

Head of Planning and Highways Geoff Willerton is already planning road closures for the “unmissable” event.

However, local residents might prefer Calderdale to look into the existing and forthcoming traffic problems that already exist in Hebden Bridge.

The current expansion of Nutclough Mill, the construction of multiple flats on Victoria Road and possible future supermarkets put further pressure on Keighley Road. Buses and motorists already have horrific problems trying to pass back and forth on the congested section, especially between Lees Road and Lee Mill Road.

It would be excellent if Mr Willerton, Hebden Bridge Partnership and others took time to consider (and act) about improving traffic flow. Should the route be downgraded to ‘B’ to discourage lorries, should residents’ only parking be introduced to deter out-of-town cyclists, horse boxes and others who park on Keighley Road, could the pavement be narrowed so two buses or lorries could pass, could an off-road car park be created (as on Meadow Bottom Road in Todmorden)?

After a long campaign by residents, a few metres of yellow lines greatly improved traffic flow outside Nutclough Corner. Surely it is time for improvement further up Keighley Road?

S.P. Greenwood

Hebden Bridge