If he were a football manager, he would have been sacked

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It was a depressing sight seeing our local Member of Parliament, Craig Whittaker, pictured on the front page of your newspaper standing on the leaking roof of Todmorden High School.

Nearly five years ago Mr Whittaker was elected to serve the people of Todmorden.

Since then he has been paid hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money in salary, allowances and expenses and he can’t even manage to make our local secondary school weatherproof!

This is extremely poor value for money for us taxpayers.

Anyone who’s been to Burnley recently will have noticed that there is a new secondary school in almost every locality.

If the politicians serving the people of Burnley can provide new, weather proof schools for the people, why can’t Mr Whittaker?

With such a dire performance record, if Mr Whittaker were managing a football team he would have been sacked several seasons ago.

Lets hope the voters choose to do the job on May 7.

Coun David Tattersall

Labour Group Leader

Todmorden Town Council