Hope we can fight back when we feel crushed

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What drove a man of almost retirement age into such a well of despair that he believed his only way out was to destroy his working environment?

Calderdale Council say “everyone different, everyone matters.”

Do they? I don’t think so.

I think the contractors at the recycling plant at Eastwood believe this: “Every penny counts, only profit matters.”

Creating working conditions to squeeze an extra penny of profit is what matters to them, and that is why the recycling business is such big business.

For all of us who live nearby and saw the ugliness of this every day, Mr Lewis is a beacon of hope.

Hope that next time the council will check the working cionditions before awarding contracts, and hope that we can all believe we can fight back when we feel crushed.

It is immensely sad Mr Lewis has had to be imprisoned for his desperate fight back.

Yet when I drive past every day and see the lonely guard and the even lonelier Alsation dog, I always smile.


Halifax Road