Good to see the young involved

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The Todmorden branch of the Royal British Legion & Todmorden Pals would like to thank everyone who joined us in the festival of Remembrance on Sunday, November 9.

I was astounded to see so many Todmordians and visitors alike join us in the garden of remembrance.

I was especially encouraged this year to see many of our younger Todmordians taking an interest and would encourage our children to think about other Todmordians like Fusilier John willie Child, Company Sergeant Major John Mason, Private Willie Nelson, Sgt Hamer and Major RH Barker, to mention just a few names among a long list who really deserve a mention today.

This may be an appropriate time to ask pupils to research Todmorden Pals to find out more about what the sacrifices they made 100 years ago.

I for one will never forget and judging by the hundreds that supported us on Sunday I remain assured that neither will you.

We will remember them.

Thank you.

William Birch, Chairman Todmorden Royal British Legion and proud to be Captain of the Todmorden Pals.