Entitled to views, but read the science first

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Jennifer Milligan (Fervour for cause, a refreshing read, December 4, 2014), and Tony Moore -and even Voltaire! - can rest easy.

No one’s freedom of speech is being questioned, as my reply of November 27 responding to Tony’s original letter made perfectly clear; he is, I said, “absolutely entitled to [his] views – it’s a free country”.

Of course climate change sceptics routinely present themselves as free speech martyrs to explain why people don’t want to listen to them, when that’s just a useful cover for the fact that the science simply isn’t on their side.

Jennifer then goes on to repeat, word for word, another of the ‘facts’ that sceptics endlessly trot out as if conclusive refutations of climate change science (climate change “is happening; it always has and always will. Frost fairs were held on many rivers in Britain in the Middle Ages”, and so on).

This is actually ‘Misleading Argument 1’ in the Royal Society’s ‘Climate Change Controversies: a Simple Guide’, which can be downloaded from their website.

So, no, she need not see herself as a ‘heretic’.

It’s just better if those who want to take issue with the climate change arguments - for whatever reason- have read their way through the basic science beforehand.

Anthony Rae

Co-ordinator, Calderdale Friends of the Earth