Co-op’s attitude to staff is just deplorable

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I was shocked the read in the Hebden Bridge Times (6/11/2014) of the appalling behaviour of the Co-operative Society with regard to employees at the Hebden Bridge supermarket.

The draconian proposals take no account of the hard work and loyalty staff have contributed to the C-operative movements over the years, effectively holding a gun to their heads.

The recent problems the Co-op has been experiencing are down to board members who, as well as basic business practices, show little understanding of staff and customers alike.

I have been a customer at the Hebden Bridge store for nearly 25 years and over that time have noticed a gradual deterioration in the way it is run - not at a local level, I hasten to add.

I have always found management and staff in Hebden Bridge to be helpful, friendly and efficient; any complaints I had were usually the result of misguided policies enforced at head office level.

The Co-operative movement has a proud history nationwide, and in Hebden Bridge going back to 1848, a fact which should be a guiding light and principle of the Co-op today.

The original founding members would be astounded and enraged at an attitude to staff that’s deplorable and has incensed shoppers in Hebden Bridge, myself included.

We should show our support for Co-op employees - and any others in the retail sector who are facing similar underhand practices.

This is an important issue that urgently needs to be addressed.

Issy Shannon

Hebden Bridge