Cheaper? Our findings say not

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In our campaign against supermarkets in Hebden Bridge, the most common point raised is that the less well-off of Hebden need affordable food.

This point was also laboured by Councillor Davenport when the Sainsbury’s application was discussed on January 28.

Whilst absolutely agreeing that affordable, quality food should be available in Hebden, we believe that a new Sainsbury’s Local would not provide this.

Before engaging in the argument, we decided to check out the facts and carried out a grocery price survey.

We looked at the prices of 23 typical foods in Oasis, One Stop and the Co-op in Hebden Bridge, as well as Sainsbury’s Local in Mytholmroyd to give an idea of what the proposed new ‘Sainsbury’s Local’ store might have to offer.

Our ‘basket’ contained a selection of everyday purchases: a brown sliced loaf, eggs, milk, potatoes, carrots, a tin of tomatoes, pasta, a tin of Heinz beans, cheddar cheese, apples, oranges, bananas, salad leaves, washing powder, washing up liquid, toilet rolls, chicken pieces, bacon, pork sausages, Kellog’s corn flakes, sugar, coffee, tea.

Overall, the same basket cost most at Sainsbury’s in Mytholmroyd (£35.46) then One Stop (£34.84), then Oasis (£34.23). Cheapest, by quite a margin, at £28.58 was the Co-op. This is £6.88 (or 24 per cent) cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

Whilst we are sure the nay-sayers will find fault with our method, we are sure the facts speak for themselves.

Let there be no doubt, a new Sainsbury’s ‘Local’ in Hebden Bridge, as well bringing traffic chaos, helping to destroy local jobs, character and vitality, will not be providing cheap food.

Please object to the planning application before next Friday, February 21.

The full list of prices and a more in depth analysis can be seen on our website

Dave Brooks, SOS - No More Supermarkets in Hebden Bridge