Breathtaking double-speak is what we expect


Whenever elections come round I am reminded of a well known Tory politician who was accused of deliberately misleading people.

He protested that he had not been telling lies but had just been economical with the truth. This kind of breath-taking double speak is what we now expect from many of our politicians who think that they can treat the electorate with contempt.

The problem is that with our limited system of democracy that is precisely what they can do. The solution is simple. We need to reform our democracy to give the members of our community more say regarding the important decisions that effect our lives.

To this effect we should demand that our politicians should abandon a system that serves only their own personal ambition and introduce changes that mean that the electorate are properly represented .

Of course you could vote in the forthcoming elections for those who are prepared to make changes. On the other hand if you don’t mind being treated with contempt just do nothing.

F. Holt