Attack shows their true face

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I did think I’d seen Lib Dem desperation and hypocrisy hit rock bottom but Michael Taylor’s latest unpleasant rant has set a new low (letters Jan 23).

In a very personal attack he accuses a Todmorden Labour councillor of being unable to represent the ward as he lives in Hebden Bridge, The very same Labour councillor who was pictured on the front page of the Todmorden News celebrating the news that over £7m is being allocated to help re-build Todmorden High School and Ferney Lee Primary - thanks to a Labour-led council.

The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming as the good folk of Hebden Bridge have one Lib Dem councillor left and guess where she lives? Yes, you’ve got it it one, Todmorden.

On no, the hypocrisy gets even worse as voters in Calder ward with a long memory will remember one Michael Taylor being their councillor. Guess where Mr Taylor lived when he was representing the people of Hebden Bridge? You won’t believe it but he lived in Todmorden, so guilty of the very charge he makes about his opponent. So Mr Taylor’s confused position is if a Labour councillor lives in another town that is bad, but if someone with all his mighty gifts does it, that is OK.

The reason I am opposed to my Lib Dem councillor in Calder is not where she lives but her slavish support for a coalition government that is driving people to foodbanks and left every family in both wards an average of £1,876 worse off.

By attacking a Labour councillor’s family for no good reason Mr Taylor does us all a big favour in revealing the true face of the local Lib Dems when challenged - nasty, spiteful, shamelessly hypocritical and intellectually incoherent. Mr Taylor is incoherent with rage because his party trails Ukip in the polls, face losing yet more seats in the Upper Valley and website Electoral Calculus gives them a 0,5 per cent of chance of winning the Calder Valley seat.

Paul Clarke

Hebden Bridge