A&E proposals: It’s a massive blow

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I am writing to you in response of your piece on the proposed closure of Halifax A&E services and moving everything to Huddersfield (February 27).

This I feel is absolutely disgusting and a massive blow for all the residents of Calderdale. All residents will face great difficulty when they arrive at Huddersfield hospital as parking is very limited as it is.

Therefore what will happen when extra patients start arriving from Calderdale (which starts at Warland and Cornholme, through to Hebden Bridge etc before even getting to Halifax. I admit that I do not know how many people this amounts to but having been to Huddersfield and seen the amount of parking it will not be adequate.

This does not even account for the problems that bus passengers will face. There isn`t even a bus service to Halifax hospital that goes through the valley to the hospital for patient visiting not counting getting to A&E.

B. Stott