Your health with Physio & Therapies: Helping cope with our stressful lives

Sometimes counselling is the right option
Sometimes counselling is the right option

There are times in all our lives when we can feel anxious or sad.

Stress and anxiety are feelings that everyone experiences at one time or another, usually due to a particular cause.

If we are feeling stressed or anxious there are many ways we can help ourselves, so we can clear our thoughts, identify the causes of our stress and find our own solutions.

Exercise: Physical exercise won’t make your stress disappear but it will help you to feel stronger, calmer and more focussed. This in turn helps you to deal with your feelings more effectively. However you choose to exercise is your choice, and this in itself is about you taking control of your life.

Taking control of your life is about making your own choices and putting yourself first when you need to.

Taking some time out for yourself: We all lead busy lives, in the workplace and at home, and it is important to set some time apart during the week to be with friends, to exercise or just simply relax. Setting goals and new challenges for ourselves helps us to take charge of our lives. Learning new skills helps to build confidence and deal with stress more effectively.

Having a positive attitude: Look for the positive things in your life, rather than focussing on the negative. At the end of every day focus on something that helped make that day better. This will support a change in the way you think about your life and help you gain a more positive perspective.

Be aware, also that there are thing in your life that you cannot change. If there are redundancies at work, for example, you cannot prevent this from happening but if it affects you directly you can take control by looking for another job, or considering retraining.

Taking time to be with friends: A good support network of friends and family can help us to feel supported and cared for. It is good to have someone listen to you and know that they are genuine in their support for you.

l A friend was talking to me a few days ago about her problems and I realised that what she needed from me was the support of someone who knew her personally and would say the things that she wanted to hear – because that’s what friends do.

There are times in our lives when, for whatever reason, we feel anxious and uncertain. Talking to a friend, family member of colleague can help to make us feel supported and loved. Sometimes friends or colleagues offer advice, which may or may not be what you need at the time.

Working with a caring, yet impartial professional has many advantages. A counsellor will not give advice, but will offer a safe and secure environment in which to be heard and understood. Counselling can help you to work through and manage changes you may wish to make in your life, supporting a process of personal development and allowing you to express your feelings, clarify your thoughts an find your own solutions.

Like most counsellors and talking therapists I invite a person to visit for a free initial consultation before beginning therapy. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the process that you need answering. It also helps me to decide how best I can support you with what you choose to bring into counselling.

You also need to know that you are working with an experienced professional. I have been practicing as a counsellor and therapist within Physio and Therapies for over ten years. I am a member of the BACP

and work to their standards of professionalism and confidentiality. I am also accredited through the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. I offer support and a very genuine approach for a wide range of issues in a safe and confidential environment and am happy to offer a free consultation to anyone who needs to find out more about the counselling process.