'Yorkshire is key for infrastructure revolution' says Chancellor of the Exchequer during Elland visit

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A senior member of the government used a trip to Elland to speak to one of the UK's leading manufacturers of airport and specialist armed forces vehicles.

Today, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid was welcomed by Calder Valley election candidate Craig Whittaker to Terberg UK, on Lowfields Way, to discuss investment opportunities with the company's big bosses.

Mr Javid also gave a latest on the region's recent issues with flood defences, and how investing in Yorkshire is key for the Conservative Party's "infrastructure revolution" if they win the General Election on December 12.

He said: "The flooding has been a huge concern for the government and the big thing we can do in the future is to invest more in flood defences.

"We want people to be safe and secure in their homes."

His comments come after pledging more than £250 million to invest in 20,000 new homes in “areas of high demand” across the UK.

"Yorkshire is key for us regarding the infrastructure revolution," said Mr Javid.

"I agree the West Yorkshire region is important to invest in because it's between two major Northern cities, Leeds and Manchester.

"We also listened to the issues commuters have had with the railways and we know we need to invest in this to keep the economy strong."

Mr Javid said the Conservatives plan to invest £110 million over the next few years to tackle carbon emissions by planting more trees in what he describes as a "catch plan".

Calder Valley candidate Craig Whittaker said it is important the Conservatives are looking to invest in planting trees in order to help the environment.