'Worried' Mytholmroyd businesses prepare for worst as flooding hits

St Michael's Church on the bed of the River Calder
St Michael's Church on the bed of the River Calder

Business owners in Mytholmroyd are "worried" as the town sees rising water levels.

Carole Pollitt, landlady at The Dusty Miller, on Burnley Road, said she has not been this worried since the village was hit by severe floods on Boxing Day, in 2015.

As a result of the flooding four years ago, defence systems for the River Calder have been a priority for village leaders, which runs through Mythomroyd, next to Burnley Road.

She said: "In 2015, The Dusty Miller's first floor was under water and reached the foot of our second floor.

"Myself a few others, and even my daughter's dog, had to be saved by a emergency workers in a raft, which helped us off the roof after we had to climb through a window.

"It cost us a lot of money - and I am worried it could happen again.

"It's unnerving and the memories could come flooding back."

In preparation for the potential flooding Ms Pollitt is using a hydro snake system placed around the establishment, which she said soaks up mass amounts of water.

One worker currently operating on the River Calder flood defence project said the work has seen "steady progress in the past few months, but they are four months behind schedule".

General manager of furniture store Russell Dean, Alan Raybould, also on Burnley Road, said: "Due to the flooding in 2015, we had to close for well over two years.

"The insurance company had to pay out twice due to the floods, and refused to cover us again.

"The bottom floor is now a car park, so our shop is essentially on stilts.

"We're much better financially equipped to deal with any floods, but we have thousands of pounds of stock stored in a facility on our bottom floor.

"I've had a good view of the flood defence systems being built, but it has taken far too long to complete.

"Last thing we want is a repeat of 2015 because we can't afford it."

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said: "I would recommend people to stay at home this evening and try to afford flooded areas.

"Members of the public can keep up to date on the Gov.UK flood website."

The website can be found here: www.flood-warning-information