Visitors from across the globe head for Todmorden

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From small acorns huge things can grow and this is so true of Incredible Edible.

The inspirational actions of a few Todmordians has burgeoned into a truly global movement. There are now more than 80 UK groups from Cornwall to Scotland, from

Northern Ireland to Suffolk, globally the number exceeds 500.

Key to the appeal is the founder’s vision of seeing food as a social glue and asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

Groups can also be bespoke, some are run in castle moats, others in housing estates. However, all share the same message of putting food at the heart of community resilience.

In October, many will gather in Todmorden for the annual conference hosted by the Incredible Edible Network, which supports existing groups and inspire new ones. It offers advice, toolkits and forums as well as events and workshops.

This conference will host an array of practical workshops, Incredible Aqua Garden tours plus a fantastic pie and pea lunch from the Incredible Farm.

It will also enable groups to see the great work of those who inspired them in the first place.

Anyone interested in starting a new group or attending the conference should email the Network faciliator