Video shows serious flooding in Todmorden, Yorkshire

The A646 in Todmorden has been flooded by the River Calder.
The A646 in Todmorden has been flooded by the River Calder.

A video of the Calder River at Callis Bridge in Todmorden shows the extent of the flooding.

A video taken by a resident shows the River Calder moving very quickly at the bridge.

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The River has partly flooded the A646 which has been closed to traffic.

Several flood warnings are in place throughout Yorkshire including three in the Todmorden area - Walsden Water near Todmorden, River Calder from Todmorden to Eastwood and Millwood and River Calder at Callis Bridge and Charlestown.

A flood warning is issued when flooding is expected and immediate action is required.

In Todmorden, river levels are rising as a result of persistent heavy rainfall which brings with it a risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency said: "River levels continue to rise as a result of today’s prolonged rainfall.

"The rainfall is forecast to continue through Saturday and into the evening.

"There is a risk for roads to be flooded in this area.

"The levels are currently expected to peak just around 4.15pm but will remain high throughout Saturday afternoon before they start to fall in the early evening.

"The Leeds Incident Room is open and we are monitoring the situation.

"This message will be updated in 8 hours or as the situation changes.

"Please avoid contact with flood water and action any flood plan."

The flood alarm has also been sounded in Hebden Bridge.

According to the Environment Agency water levels are expected to peak in Hebden Bridge around 4.15pm on Saturday.

A list of flood warning in Yorkshire can be found here:

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