Turning out a profit for the community

The community wind turbine in Blackshaw Head, which was put up last year by Pennine Community Power (PCP), is starting to pay its own way.

PCP received a payment of £1,611 for the period of November and December 2012, which was for the generation of 5444 kWh of electricity.

A further 2000 kWh were produced in January 2013, which will generate a further £600, according to Paul Wilson, treasurer of PCP - a community benefit society which has 65 members.

“So far the wind turbine is producing according to expectations so that PCP will be able to deliver funding to the community as planned,” said Mr Wilson.

“A breakdown of how much has been produced each day is available at www.powerinthecommunity.org, where there is also a live feed of how much the turbine is producing right now.

“PCP is willing to talk to other communities about doing renewable energy projects.

“There is a growing public interest in renewable energy.

“Every year the United Kingdom government does a survey of people’s attitude to energy.

“The latest survey was published on February 5, 2012, and showed 82 per cent support for renewable energy and only four per cent were opposed to it.”

Laster year, PCP sold over 60 shares, worth between £250 and £500, in the wind turbine which funded its construction.

PCP said shareholders would get an estimated four per cent return on their initial investment and any money made from the sale of power from the turbine would be ploughed back into renewable energy projects in the Blackshaw parish.

It was estimated that the turbine could generate over £100,000 for local projects over its lifetime.