Transition Town: We’re growing ahead of the ‘hungry gap’

Hebden Bridge Transition Town volunteers packing HebVeg boxes
Hebden Bridge Transition Town volunteers packing HebVeg boxes

Since the re-launch of HebVeg as a membership based Community Supported Agriculture scheme in October with a party, we have taken on 19 full cropshare and 8 half cropshare members.

We’re happy with our new home at Nutclough Tavern but the size of packing space and storage for boxes and equipment means we can’t grow much more until we have better storage. This should happen soon as a large shed is being erected there us, writes Ben.of the Food Group

This will provide better facilities for boxes to be left for later collection and a swap box to be left out too. We are trying to negotiate a second collection point at the other end of town, too.

Produce is mainly still coming from our supplier in Hipperholme near Halifax and he has offered us up to two acres of land to grow on this coming season, which will help immensely with the quantities of our own grown produce we can provide.

Our grower, Tim, will also be getting on with managing other plots loaned to us by generous locals. Other local growers have offered us produce too, so there should be a good variety of veg and a spreading of the risk of crop failure. CLOG have been supplying us with local apples, and of course we hope that will continue.

We have just completed a survey of what people want to have in their boxes and are planning what to grow where so as to provide as many of the requests as possible.

We learned a lot from our first potato harvest this year. The quantity saw us through to Christmas but some varieties worked better than others and the plot may not be best suited to them as it is quite heavy clay.

Volunteering is an important part of the HebVeg experience and many people enjoy regular slots packing, serving, driving and helping on the land. We decided to make a new category of Volunteer Member available for people who couldn’t afford or make full use of a cropshare but still wanted to volunteer.

The hungry gap approaches and at HebVeg, we don’t compromise by supplying out of season, imported produce during that period. Between mid March and May we will take a breather and do some other sociable things, like visits to our growing sites and volunteer days.

So, a lot going on. Let’s keep it up.

By the way, if you’re not already a member it’s not too late to join in. To join the scheme email for an application form.