Todmorden in Bloom: Spring is the busiest time of year

Spring brings a busy time for gardeners
Spring brings a busy time for gardeners

Spring is the busiest time in the garden - pruning, planting, sowing, feeding etc. Getting on top of weeds is boring but essential!

Weeding is a priority now with excess bitter-cress, dandelions, nettles etc appearing all around Calderdale. Also, keep a careful watch for garden pests and diseases.

There is much to do in the garden and your outside premises needs spring cleaning. Forking over borders, weeding and mulching are all great calorie-burners!

It’s time to dead-head early spring flowers, prune shrubs which have already bloomed, cut back ornamental grasses and remove over-wintered seed heads.

For busy people, some gardening jobs can be tackled in fragments of time. If you’re uncertain, please check details at gardening websites or in library books.

Spring spectacular highlights include late spring bulbs, blossom lighting up our fruit trees and flowering shrubs like magnolias. The Easter break was bonanza time for garden sales, but do remember that tender plants can be damaged by late frosts.

This is the time to sow hardy annual seeds, though most like a sheltered sunny situation, or just start-off indoors. Watching seeds grow successfully into plants can set your children’s interest in nature for life. Sweet peas, marigolds, nasturtium or sunflowers are easy, prolific growers.

Small spaces can be transformed, whether a backyard, window box, hanging basket, or tubs. Gardeners should include experimenting with some new ideas.

Our beneficial bees are in trouble, so responsibly growing pollinator plants and avoiding chemicals in the garden are important considerations.

Volunteers can learn, grow and bloom along with our plants. So why not come out to help Todmorden in Bloom, especially during our busiest months ahead. We also have a plant stall in Todmorden Market on May 20 to man and likewise at two forthcoming Todmorden shows where extra willing hands will be most welcome.

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