Todmorden in Bloom: Spring blooms to lift winter glooms

Early spring snowdrops, crocus and winter aconites
Early spring snowdrops, crocus and winter aconites

Spring is on its way! Each new flower heralds its arrival as gardens comes to life again.

There are snowdrops and crocus beginning to flower in Todmorden in Bloom’s gardens and containers. Ensure you clear any fallen leaves from around these delicate flowers to see their beauty emerging.

Last October we planted a ‘wave’ of crocus through lawn grass by Walsden Water along Rochdale Road to help raise awareness of 2016/17 Rotary and RHS’s combined campaign ‘Purple 4Polio’. This campaign coincides with the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation, with focus to eradicate polio world-wide. Our crocus’s should give great impact soon!

Everyone knows gardening is seasonal so the work we do in the garden will also depend on our February weather conditions. We gardeners remain at the mercy of the weather, so check outdoor containers are neither sodden, nor thirsty if sheltered by overhead evergreens or roofs. With any empty flower beds, this month is good for digging over, then using covers to keep the worst weather off and warm that soil in readiness for spring planting.

February is a great month for nurturing our shrubs. Consider moving wrongly-placed bushes, pruning those that are overgrown or choosing new shrubs. With patience and time, many smaller shrubs can propagate well from cuttings. In a mixed border, try pruning the lower stems to lift the whole canopy allowing more light into low-growing plants. Do check as whilst it’s tempting to prune whilst gardens are awakening, early flowering shrubs should not be pruned. Incorrect cutting back can result in no flowering this season! If you plant young trees they may need extra staking if we suffer from strong winds. Our libraries have a good range of gardening books to check essential details.

Several Todmorden in Bloom members met at an exercise class! Remember that group gardening can be more fun than a treadmill, and during cold weather you burn off more calories outdoors, and it’s free! So why not come and join our gang? Todmorden in Bloom will always welcome more helpers. For more information please phone Jean on 01706 817492 or see our website at or