Tightening belts in more ways than one

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With January here and the credit crunch still biting, members of Todmorden Slimming World have been tightening their belts in more ways than one.

While experts say that the cost of a weekly basket has rising by more than 10 per cent in the last year, the group is tackling the myth that healthy eating is costly, said Rachel Firth, team developer and consultant for Todmorden Slimming World.

Rachel said: “We keep reading about the credit crunch and the cost of food shopping bills, but the members in my groups are telling me they are actually spending less on their weekly shopping now than before they joined Slimming World.

“Thanks to our emphasis on simply everyday ingredients and the great budget-busting tips we share in group, they are slashing their food bills and eating more healthily too.”

Rachel said that more than half her members had already influenced their whole family to eat more healthily.

Often, that meant swapping higher-priced takeaways and ready meals, for fresh and cheaper ingredients they use themselves to cook up a culinary tasty and healthy storm, she said.

“Our members can cook a quick and easy chilli for instance that feeds a family for four for under £4.

“You can’t possibly buy a ready meal to match that and our version is low in fat and only takes minutes to make.

“Every week our groups share tips on which supermarkets have the best bargains or how to turn left-overs into tasty meals.

“Everyone is buzzing with money-saving ideas and they are losing weight wonderfully.

Calderdale Slimming World holds meetings at Todmorden Cricket Club, Burnley Road, Todmorden and The Town Hall, St George’s Street, Hebden Bridge

For more information visit www.slimmingworld.com or contact Rachel on 07734 433770.