Thousands came to see us soar

Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade 2015
Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade 2015

Hebden Bridge was blown away by the Handmade Parade on Sunday, with thousands lining the streets to watch an array of colourful creations soar above their heads.

This year’s theme was Come Fly With Us! and spectators were treated to magnificent flying machines, an invasion of aliens and pairs of bloomers billowing in the wind.

Stars of the parade were an eagle made by artistic director Andrew Kim, three giant dragonflies made by lead artist Kerith Ogden, a launching space rocket made by lead artist Fran Sierevogel and a huge flying machine made by lead artist Sue Walpole.

Handmade Parade artistic director Andrew Kim, said: “What a fantastic day! A huge thank you to all the participants, spectators, artists and everyone who came to share these beautiful moments.

“We love making this parade for our community and we love that our community come and support creativity, fun and love.”

Crowds made the most of the good weather and the fantastic food on offer from local vendors in the park, to stay on and make a day of it.

They were entertained by sets from Handmade Samba, Peace Artistes, Juba do Leao, Skiband, Drum Machine, Les Panards Dansants and Circle Dance.

Karen Hickton from Hebden Bridge, who took part in the parade with her family, said: “It was fantastic, we all loved it. You could really see how much energy and dedication all the volunteers and artists have put in.”

Organisers would like to thank everyone who volunteered, the hundreds that took part and the thousands of people who lined the streets to watch for making it such a special day.