Theatre ends season with costume drama

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Hebden Bridge Little Theatre is rounding off its season with the costume drama, Anne Boleyn.

The Howard Brenton play will portray a very different Boleyn to the “sexual predator” of much popular literature – the ambitious woman who schemed her way into Henry’s bed and ousted Catherine of Aragon from the throne.

Rather, she will be revealed as a champion of the most dangerous ideas of her day, being a crusader for the protestant cause and making Henry the head of a new Church of England.

All the major characters are present – the complex role of Anne is played by Gil Burns, who is courted by Andy Carter as Henry.

Vaughan Leslie is the dark, enigmatic Cromwell and Steve Jamieson is the doomed Wolsey.

Andrew Moger plays Tyndale and Mike Peel makes a welcome return to the stage as Lord Cecil.

The continuing protestant story is developed by Brenton, including the character of James the First who is played by Richard Brook.

Director Ray Riches said: “Brenton’s re-telling of Anne’s story is not a dry chronicle of Tudor history but a lively and humorous one, described after its triumph at the Globe as a witty and often laugh out loud celebration of a great English heroine.”

Other actors include:Billy Paisley making his debut with the company, Trish Ellis, Hannah Stow, Phoebe Farrington, Heather McBride, Nigel Jamieson, Gavin Roberts, Ben Sweeny,Sue Brook, Maddie Cullinane, Sheila Hansford and Jo Beaumont.

The play runs from November 30 to December 5 at 7.30pm daily. Get tickets online at or at Innovation Hebden Bridge.