The smallholding ethos chimes

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Coffee lovers in Blackshaw Head discovered how they can enjoy their favourite brew while also helping to save the planet at the Great Rock Co-op at the start of this month.

As Todmorden resident and campaigner Joseph Mobbs made his way to the UN Summit on Climate Change in Paris while talks were taking place at the UN Summit on Climate Change in Paris, visitors and members of the Great Rock Co-op enjoyed some delicious freshly brewed Source Climate Change Coffee at the first of its Christmas special events held over a number of Saturdays in the run up to Christmas week.

The final one is this Saturday, December 19 (10am to 2pm).

Cristina Talens, intrepid founder of Source Climate Change Coffee, explained to those present how this ethically traded coffee is offset by ‘carbon credits’ because it rewards the smallholders who produce the beans for their participation in reforestation projects over and above the fair-trade price.

Cristina has personally visited the farms in Uganda, Mexico, and Rwanda where she supports farmers.

The emphasis on the importance of smallholders certainly chimes with the ethos of the co-op closer to home.

The Great Rock Co-op was set up to enable local food producers to sell direct to local people, thus supporting the local economy and its workers, as well as lightening our carbon footprint here in West Yorkshire.

Lucy Brill, smallholder at Blackshaw Head and meat producer for the shop, said: “Almost everything we sell comes from within a 10 mile radius of the shop.”

Succulent free-range turkeys are just one attraction amongst a fantastic range of locally produced food and drink perfect for your Christmas dinner, including vegetables, cheeses, cakes and puddings and drinks, including of course, Source Climate Change Coffee, alongside a whole range of local crafts and unique gifts from hand-made jewellery to pottery available, she said.

Great Rock Co-op is at Staups Lea Farm, up on the tops near Blackshaw Head, close to its border with Todmorden.

You can find out more on the group’s Facebook site.