Teachers’ road safety fears

Cragg Vale School
Cragg Vale School

Calder Valley head teachers have joined together to tackle road safety issues after concerns for the well-being of pupils.

The Mayor of Hebden Royd Coun Jonathan Timbers addressed school heads at a Calder Valley Collaborative meeting about safety problems on roads outside and around schools.

The main concerns raised include speeding traffic, people parking on already narrow kerbs and the lack of distinct signage.

Now the collaborative, which is a group of schools that aims to raise standards for children, is working to try to tackle the problem by asking parents to report near misses so that the group can gather important information to present to Calderdale Council.

Jo Mansfield, head teacher of Midgley School, said: “Our concern is a mixture of things.

“We have got some children that walk into school and we want to minimise the risk of accidents for our students.

“We have asked for a pedestrian crossing before but because there have been no accidents we were not allowed to have one.

“If we don’t do anything about it, it will be too late.”

Carole Lobley, head teacher of Cragg Vale Junior and Infant School, said: “We have discussed road safety across the local schools and there are a few issues that some of us have especially with speeding, parking and signage.”

Coun Timbers said: “I urge parents or carers whose child has had a near miss on the way to or from school to report it to the school so we can compile more evidence for Calderdale Council.”

Calderdale Council’s Head of Planning and Highways, Geoff Willlerton, said: “We take road safety very seriously. Fortunately accidents outside schools are rare.

“There are extensive safety measures including double yellow lines, bollards and signs.

“We regularly assess the safety of all our school sites and we’re always looking for ways to improve safety on Calderdale roads.

“Our move towards introducing 20mph limits in all residential areas in Calderdale by 2017 should also help to make a difference.

“It’s an important step in reducing the number of casualties on our roads.”

Inspector Rachel Bairstow, of the Calder Valley neighbourhood policing team, said: “I’d like to remind parents during pick up and drop off times to park sensibly and safely and be considerate to local residents and pavement users.”

The schools involved include Burnley Road Academy, Central Street Infants, Cragg Vale Junior and Infant School, Hebden Royd C of E Primary, Heptonstall Junior, Infant and Nursery School, Luddenden CE School, Luddenden Foot Academy, Midgley School, Old Town Primary, Riverside Junior School, Scout Road Academy, Stubbings Infants, Woodbank Special Primary and Calder High School.