Super mum gets award for saving pals life

Caren Parkinson at West Yorkshire Police Awards Night, Shay Stadium, Halifax
Caren Parkinson at West Yorkshire Police Awards Night, Shay Stadium, Halifax

A mother-of-three has been given a top award by police after saving the life of a friend who had been stabbed in the neck.

Caren Parkinson sprang to action as the incident unfolded on her street in Luddenden as the victim, a neighbour, frantically screamed her name.

She kept calm and administered first aid on her friend - also a mother-of-three - who had been left severely injured.

Paramedics have since said that Caren’s action saved the victim’s life.

Caren has been given the District Commander’s Commendation at the annual Calderdale Police Awards for her “exceptional public spirited actions” following the incident last year but the modest hero said she was just happy that her friend’s children still have a mother.

Caren, 46, said: “It was just an emergency situation and it needed to be dealt with there and then. So it was just adrenaline that kicked in.

“I’m chuffed to get the award.

“I didn’t expect anything. At the end of the day the reward for me was that my friend was okay and her children have still got a mum.”

Caren, who has been friends with her neighbour for 15 years, said at the time of the early-morning incident she was just winding down after throwing her own daughter a birthday party.

“We’d had a big party at our house. Everybody had gone home. My friend lives on the street and I just heard my name being called from the house. I ran over to find out what was going on and she was severely injured,” she said.

“Nothing went through my mind. I just thought ‘I need to save her life, I need to stop the blood’.”

Caren is an area manager for the Children’s Centre in central Halifax and has previous experience as a nursery nurse on a children’s ward and was also a community nurse.

She thanked her husband, Raymond, and her own children for their help during the incident which she inisted was an accident involving a relative of the victim and a hunting knife.