Sue overcomes her vertigo to sky dive for Overgate

Fitness instructor Sue Flynn did a sky dive for Overgate Hospice
Fitness instructor Sue Flynn did a sky dive for Overgate Hospice

A fitness instructor who suffers with vertigo spent her 59th birthday jumping out of a plane - and raised over £1,000 for Overgate Hospice in the process.

Sue Flynn, who teaches classes in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, took the plunge from 15,000 feet and raised £1,263 for charity.

And Sue, who was strapped to an instructor during the sky dive, said her biggest concern on the day was the onset of claustrophobia brought on by being packed into a small plane with nine other adrenaline junkies.

“It was fantastic at the time, but very scary,” she said. “The best bit was the freefall. It was fantastic - the amount you could see. It was a nice birthday.

“I exceeded the fundraising target I was going for. I’m just so pleased.

“Sky diving is probably something that I’m only going to do once. Knowing what to expect it would be one hundreds times worse!”

Hebden Bridge resident Sue, who lost her mother and three siblings to cancer - most recently her sister Rose Bridle on January 11 - wanted to raise money for Overgate to continue the hospice’s great work.

“Many thanks to all the people in the Hebden Bridge and Todmorden classes, the footballers and the patrons of the White Swan in Hebden Bridge for sponsoring me. It’s going to a fantastic cause.”

You can still sponsor Sue by visiting or by texting FSUE59£3 to 70070.