Stone Hair Art: Out of this world technology

Stand still for a moment and close your eyes. Did you hear the birds? Did you feel the breeze on your face? Did you feel the dizzying speed?

If you did, it may be because you were travelling at around 804,672 kilometers per hour. In that moment, as in every moment, we are all passengers on our own milky way’s race through space. Did it feel fast to you or where you totally relaxed? We live in a world now moving so fast we barely seem to notice what’s happening and in some cases we don’t notice until it’s too late for rescue.

Science says our universe is accelerating, it’s happening all around us, and those who sense it, are aware of it, know it, prepared. The question of course is, how well will we survive the adventure? The answer of course lies in another question. How well did we prepare?

Science again comes to the rescue. The new breed of solar shampoos, one of the brilliant new concepts in summer hair care products debuting this year, offers holiday makers a unique advantage when running with the sun.

Charlotte, of Stone Hair Art across from Todmorden market said: “Science is here to save the solar damaged day, using natural ingredients produced in the world’s finest 21st century beauty laboratories.”

The term solar shampoo, peaked my interest and a question emerged. Where did the concept of shampoo come from? Where did the word originate? Asia was the origin, the word shampoo has been borrowed and adapted from the Hindi word ‘campo’, a form of the verb ‘to press’ from India, a place with plenty of solar experience. In ancient India the liquid pressed into one’s hair was produced using extracts from Amla and Reetha. It produces lather that leaves the hair soft, shiny and beautifully manageable. People also used many other products such as buttermilk, vinegar, aloe vera.

“What they didn’t use was sodium lauryl sulphate, and that’s what’s important,” said Loucas Giorgio, artistic director of Stone Hair Art.

“In the beauty industry, especially with hair, you absolutely get what you pay for. With hair damage, either you know what you’re doing or you don’t, the end result always shows the truth, and we wear that truth all around town.

It takes substantial investment to offer customers top shelf hair care at reasonable prices, money drives technology and beauty technology is so advanced now there is no excuse to live with damaged hair. We invest in advanced science to assess and make sure our client’s hair stays healthy, beautiful, manageable and radiant throughout the harshest conditions. Prevention is the key and the core of our strategy. However if damage occurs before we meet you, we are repair experts, and we design a more permanent program to keep your hair youthful all your life.”

So what does Solar Shampoo do?

Stone Hair’s Charlotte added: “The sun’s UVA and UVB rays, along with visible rays, break down the melanin in our hair in a process we call photo-bleaching. The end result is colour loss; both natural and applied colours fade.

“We use our own exclusive scientifically blended ingredients including avocado, special UV filters, and cationic polymers to restore damaged parts, and amino acid histidine to restore keratin building blocks, leaving your hair silky smooth witha radiant healthy colour.”

We may be speeding through the galaxy, living on space stations, and colonizing Mars, but back here on earth science can help us retain our natural radiance, if we just decide to apply it.

Why not stop in and use Stone Hair Art’s free scientific consultation to assess your galactic crown?