Stone Hair Art: Everyone’s hair care needs are different - each style is tailored to you and your needs

Loucas Giorgio, of Stone Hair Art, Todmorden
Loucas Giorgio, of Stone Hair Art, Todmorden

Trever Harding, of Todmorden’s Stone Hair Art Salon in Todmorden, is confident about how understanding customer needs fits into the future of the health and beauty industry.

“Our customers know how to doll it up, but most prefer a more functional edge to their daily look, a kind of ‘lived-in’ natural look, so to speak, easy to care for, nothing pretentious or too high maintenance, no one has time to fuss,” he said.

Loucas Giorgio, artistic director of Stone Hair Art, said: “Our customers are very particular, they know healthy hair shines, looks alive and vibrant no matter what they are doing. We are rural and rural life is active so their hair has to fit in with their lifestyle. It has to move, it has to have lustre, and healthy hair makes any cut look better.

“There is a science to achieving raw natural beauty. Everyone’s hair has something unique and beautiful in its character. Everyone is different, and after a period of exposure anyone’s hair can get tired.

“There are specialised techniques and products available to revive your hair and its natural beauty. This means looking for your hair’s unique strength and unique weakness. This must be done on an individual basis. You want to revive the natural individual beauty that you were born with, that was always there.

“Once your hair’s optimum health is achieved, every style looks better; if you are romantic and want long luxurious waves or you rock and roll with shocking sharp angles and translucent tones, you can have it how you like, and you can add volume and more life to your look, with proper regular personalised conditioning.”

Shops like Loucas and Trever’s are deeply committed to specialised products and their bespoke applications.

Loucas explains: “Natural beauty is not just defined in the classical way any longer. Some want a statuesque silhouette for a fancy night out; while during the day they may require a more slicked back conservative look and hair completely out of the way. Sprays have traditionally been used to maintain both these looks, and may be OK for short periods to gain and maintain the structure of both these looks, but what spray is safe to use every day? What is the long term effect; is it stripping your hair or weakening it somehow? Are you having a bad hair day?

“As professionals we consider these details. We take into account our client’s lifestyle; detailing the conditions and products your hair has been exposed to. For example, if you are a daily swimmer and lots of chlorine exposure is part of your daily routine, that adds another dimension, tell us that during your free personal consultation.”

Trever emphasises the importance of specialised products as the salon’s long term strategy. “We apply specialised products, for instance our Perfect Setting Blow Dry Lotion may be just the ticket to achieve the more classic styles Loucas just mentioned.

“Products like this add sustainable structure over the long term, and keeps it easy to change styles quickly, without looking stiff or doing damage to the hair; it’s great for a sporting lifestyle; adding elegance.”

Keeping hair looking natural and beautiful on a daily basis takes professional care and skill and damage may take a little time to repair. But it’s just like the rest of spring’s routines, worth the effort.

Put yourself centre stage, engage this year’s trend of natural raw beauty and style. Celebrate with some well-deserved pampering, conditioning and styling for your hair. Why not be part of the stunning beauty that a lot of the world will be admiring in Calder Valley this summer?