Stone Hair Art: Does your hairstyle represent who you are?

Loucas and Ria from Stone Hair Art
Loucas and Ria from Stone Hair Art

Your look tells a story. Simply stop for a moment and think. Forget about work, or family, or what people expect of you.

Ask yourself, does it tell YOUR story, or are you wearing someone’s expectation of you?

Yes we’re only talking about your hair, your halo, the thing you take with you everywhere you go. The first thing everybody sees. The part that always says “it’s me” no matter what else you wear. Is it really you, or fake you?

If you’re not looking the way you want to look, isn’t it time to ask yourself why? People always procrastinate about style, change, and then feel so much better after it’s done.

How familiar is the question “Why did I wait so long?” Loucas Giorgio of Stone Hair Art Todmorden believes he knows why. “It takes courage to decide to change; to stand out from the crowd. For most it’s inconvenient, costly, uncomfortable, and creates anxiety. We may protest about our look, but change is unpredictable. Change requires a scary leap of faith. It was a leap of faith to open my salon in Todmorden. “The past four months Stone Hair Art has experienced a revolution with Ria joining us, and we have exciting new ways of helping clients overcome conventional hair styling challenges” explains Loucas.

Ria experimenting in sunny Cyprus for 20 years with different brands and techniques of colouring client’s hair, was recently lured back to styling hair with her brother in Todmorden.

Todmorden’s spirit touched her in Cyprus. “Loucas would send incredible pictures; he had excited feelings about Todmorden’s future. I reflected back, we had so much fun working with the people here in the 70’s and women have embraced that look this season. The Future Is Female, a meme recently claimed, who knows, she may be living in Todmorden”.

Agreed, we’ve witnessed some striking images across our screens in these past months. Globally women command centre stage; breaking barriers everywhere and setting trends.

Ria is offering clients opportunities to do modelling for lower pricing, expanding the whole salon to include new clients through educational market innovations.

“Stone now offers price reductions for those willing to be hair models for the salon’s academy Tuesday through Thursday. You’ll have the hottest looks for a lower price. Just call and ask. You may walk out with the latest rose gold bob, asymmetrical fringe or soft brown waves whipped with caramel and tipped in chocolate.” Ria intends to make the academy exciting.

This week they’re experimenting with Peaches and Platinum; a relaxed Balayage may turn you into Stone’s entry at the Wella Professionals Trendvision award for the UK and Ireland for 2017. All models must submit for skin testing.

Stone’s free consultation includes testing and Ria’s strict use of professional brands avoids problems, leaving you and your hair healthy and beautiful!

I asked Ria the easiest way to hold a “style protest” or “quick change”.

“You have to be brave; it takes courage to make the change that gets the right attention. It’s so easy to get into a rut; but something that suited you ten years ago, the accepted version of yourself, hardly ever tells your true story now, your complexity; the parts of you that don’t easily fit in. Want the alt-you? Hair fashion gives you a platform to express your loyalty to the real you. Why not shout out to the world? “Count me in; I’m streaming real colours over here!”