Service’s event aims to ‘dispel the myths’

Manager Chris Sykes
Manager Chris Sykes

Valley Funeral Service, of Valley Road, Hebden Bridge, are organising seminars entitled Dispelling the Myths and are opening their doors to members of the community who are interested in visiting a local funeral home.

The seminars are perfect for individuals in all career paths where circumstances may arise and questions about death may be asked, especially what happens behind the scenes.

Mr Chris Sykes, manager said: “There would appear to be a great taboo regarding death and what happens behind closed doors. Being part of Dignity Funerals, we believe in complete transparency and so are welcoming in every sense for people to visit our funeral homes and ask any question, no matter how silly they think it is.”

The Dignity Caring Funeral Service teams have been successfully completing the seminars for many years and have found that local care teams, residential homes and doctors surgeries alike have found the experience very informative and interesting.

Chris continues, “Hopefully these seminars will give the community the opportunity to ask questions with regards to funerals and learn about the services we provide,”

For further information or to book a seminar, please contact Kate or Kathryn on 01422 842683.