Rescue centre appeals for people to adopt

Joanne Whalley and Penny Frewin with greyhounds at Tia Rescue, Cragg Vale
Joanne Whalley and Penny Frewin with greyhounds at Tia Rescue, Cragg Vale

The owner of a greyhound and lurcher rescue centre is appealing for people to adopt more dogs and help protect animals that are at risk.

Tia Rescue, an animal rescue charity based in Cragg Vale, was described by a trustee as at “breaking point” because the centre is full, with more than 90 dogs currently located there.

We need to get more dogs into homes

Philip Grimshaw of Tia

Debra Rothery, owner, said: “The problem is that there are too many greyhounds bred for the space we have.

“We currently have 90 dogs here. It is ridiculous.

“The dogs that are here are already safe but it is the ones that aren’t here that are at risk.

“If anyone wants to adopt one, the option is there. We have had a couple of dogs go in the past week but we still have 12 dogs stuck in an allotment waiting to come into us.”

Trustee Philip Grimshaw has appealed for help with the rescue centre.

He said: “We are currently full to the brim at the kennels with dogs in allotment sheds waiting to come in plus many at dog pounds needing a rescue space.

“We have a policy of not refusing a space for dogs that are abandoned. We simply can’t keep up with the demand for a rescue space, which sadly means many dogs are being put to sleep by the pounds.

“We need to get more dogs into homes.”

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Tia Rescue have charity shops in Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and Halifax.