Relaxing the holistic way

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Maxine McKeown is one of several visiting holistic practitioners who regularly participate in the Drop-In sessions which are run from Thursday to Sunday every week at the Down2Earth Psychic Centre in Hebden Bridge.

Twice a month - once on a Friday and once on a Saturday and Sunday - Maxine, who specialises in animal communication, shamanic healing and crystal healing - spends time at the centre offering help, advice and healing, and running workshops.

Maxine first met psychic medium Annie Conboy two years ago at a séance in Eastbourne

After hearing about Annie’s plans for the Psychic Centre Drop-In, Maxine came to Hebden Bridge to see it for herself.

The workshops that Maxine runs includes Meeting our Guides and Helpers – shamanic journeying with drumming, a form of meditation that she says is very relaxing.

For more information about Drop-In sessions and workshops at the Down2Earth contact 01422 846117/07930 252773 or e-mail