Refugee intake is ‘proportionate’ say council officials

Tim Swift, leader of Calderdale Council
Tim Swift, leader of Calderdale Council

Calderdale’s pledge to rehome 50 Syrian refugees is proportionate to the size of the borough, say council officials.

The statement came in response to comments from some councillors that the number of refugees seemed small in comparison to the 20,000 which the government has said they will house.

Tim Swift, leader of the council, said: “It is proposed not as a maximum but as a starting point.

“This seems like a small number but it’s proportinate to the size of the authority.

“The way we have to address this huge problem is making sure everybody has a part to play.”

The council are now making provisions for the fifty who will arrive over the next two years, including looking at social housing and assessing whether people could offer up rooms in their own homes.

Coun Swift said: “There was a huge number of people wanting to offer their homes and we will explore whether this is a practical solution.”

Other authorities in the country have also explored similar options.