Rally revs-up with 100-strong ride-in

Todrophenia scooter rally at Todmorden Cricket Club - picture by Bruce Fitzgerald
Todrophenia scooter rally at Todmorden Cricket Club - picture by Bruce Fitzgerald

Gleaming chrome glinting on a 100 scooters caught the eye as those taking part in Todrophenia’s first official ride-in got this year’s event off to a dazzling start.

Making their way from the starting point at Hollingworth Lake at Littleborough, the cavalcade of Lambrettas and Vespas - among other famous historic brand names - swept through Walsden, down Rochdale Road and through Todmorden town centre before heading up Burnley Road to Todmorden Cricket Club’s Centre Vale ground, the regular venue for the event organised by Mystery Tours Scooter Club, which is based in Rochdale but has members in Todmorden.

With scooter club members, townspeople and visitors alike invited to come along and take a look at the richly decorated machines and talk to their owners, some decent weather ensured an excellent turnout for what was a great family day out, said Darren Widdup, of the organising Mystery Tours club.

There were a couple of memorabilia and record stalls to add to the occasion, and music for this year’s event came from the live band Inciders, who played a powerful mix of ska and reggae music, and DJs.

Darren said: “It went really well and was a huge success yet again, well-supported by scooter clubs and townspeople alike.

“We had an official ride-in for the first time with 100 machines and riders, in addition to others who came along, and a lot of families attended. Todmorden Cricket Club is a great setting.

“There was a great atmopshere and we’d like to thank the cricket club and their staff for their help. It’s people that make the event, and although a little later than usual we managed to find a date which didn’t clash with the cricket and lots came along to support it.”

Scooter enthusiasts from the north west, including a couple from Blackpool, and Halifax among others, enjoyed a day out which has become established in the scooter rally calendar.