Joe strums his political policies

An aspiring politician has been lobbying with a tuneful message in Hebden Bridge town centre.

‘The singing politician’ Joe Stead was strumming his banjo to passing crowds for world peace and votes.

Joe Stead the singing politician in Hebden Bridge.

Joe Stead the singing politician in Hebden Bridge.

The Sowerby Bridge folk singer is asking the people of the Calder Valley to vote for him in the next General Election on May 7.

The Calder Valley is a Conservative constituency represented by Craig Whittaker.

Through songs including My Rainbow Race, The Strangest Dream and Tomorrow If Not Today - the alternative politician’s message is clear.

“My policies are about saving the planet,” said Joe, who was a former Labour voter.

But the anti-war activist says he can no longer vote for mainstream parties and so decided to set up his own political party instead called World Peace Through Song.

“I thought, why not vote for myself? Most of the people I meet have empathy with me and my message,” he said.