Police investigating murder of Hebden Bridge schoolgirl Lindsay Jo Rimer looking through new information

Police investigating the murder of Hebden Bridge schoolgirl Lindsay Jo Rimer are looking at new information received following a succesful media appeal.

The 13-year-old disappeared after going to the shop to buy cornflakes 20 years ago, and her body was found five months later.

Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson of West Yorkshire. Below, Lindsay Jo Rimer

Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson of West Yorkshire. Below, Lindsay Jo Rimer

Last week - on the 20th anniversary of when Lindsay disappeared - detectives launched a media appeal in the hope of bringing the vital clues to help crack the unsolved murder.

And on Friday, November 7, the Senior Investigating Officer in the case, Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, led a social media appeal as the force for the first time used a Twitter reconstruction or ‘Tweeconstruction’ to publicise all the details that are known about the night the teenager disappeared.

Appeals also followed on Facebook and on Friday night (the actual anniversary of Lindsay’s disappearance) officers carried out an information seek in Hebden Bridge, speaking to residents in the town.

Det Supt Atkinson, who featured in a video appealing for witnesses, praised the public’s response to the campaign and said it had been a success.

Lindsay Rimer

Lindsay Rimer

Almost 4,000 people watched the video or read articles published on the Halifax Courier and Hebden Bridge Times websites.

Det Supt Atkinson said: “I am firmly of the opinion that the key to catching Lindsay’s killer lies within the close-knit Hebden Bridge community.

“Despite the murder being almost 20 years old (Lindsay’s body wasn’t found until April 1995) we have had an excellent response.

“Members of the community really got involved and helped us to spread the message through social media channels. They have watched the Youtube video, they have retweeted our messages and they have shared our Facebook posts to ensure that as many people as possible got to hear our message.

“All it takes is for that one person to see our message and to come forward with that vital piece of information that finally helps me to bring closure to Lindsay’s grieving family.

“One Facebook post alone one post has already reached well over 100,000 people and we had over 650 tweets about Lindsay, Our Youtube video has had well over 1,000 views as well.

“All of that has seen some good information come in. We are now looking at that information to see what can be done with it.

“And the appeal is continuing and will continue until we bring the person or persons responsible for this horrific crime to justice.”