Playground smokers banned?

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What do you think about adults smoking in playgrounds?

Calderdale Council are considering banning smoking in playgrounds across the borough as part of a move to prevent young people taking up the habit.

The ban would mean creating designated smoke-free play areas to prevent children copying adults and being harmed by second-hand smoke.

Councillor Simon Young, Calderdale Council’s cabinet member for public health, wellbeing and engagement, said: “We are doing lots of work with Yorkshire Smokefree Calderdale to tackle smoking in the borough. This includes trying to prevent young people from ever starting to smoke.

“We are determined that future generations will not suffer the devastating and preventable harm caused by tobacco.”

The council’s proposal comes after a similar scheme was introduced in Leeds this month, where a voluntary ban was put in place alongside plans for ‘no smoking’ signs designed by children themselves.

The proposal is now open to comments from the public which will be gathered before the council’s final decision in a few months’ time.

Coun Young said: “We are keen to find out what people think of this proposal. At the moment we are gathering and listening to feedback, and we’re planning more consultation over the next few months.”

Reactions on the council’s Facebook page suggest that many people feel strongly about the issue.

One commenter, Maureen Dilley, said: “Yes, children copy everything including people smoking.”

Another commenter, Jo Taylor, said: “Town centres should be smoke free as well. I stopped a year ago after 32 years so it can be done.”

People are encouraged to get in touch with the council about the ban via