Verd de gris arts awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Hebden Bridge creative arts company Verd de gris arts has been awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2021.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 2:00 pm
Verd de gris arts awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Verd de gris arts were established as a creative arts company in Hebden Bridge in 2005.

We use creative activity and positive community engagement to help local people express themselves and articulate issues and concerns that [email protected] to them - as individuals or as part of a wider community.

As a small company Verd de gris have done many wonderful things in an aim to impact on areas like community health and positive social change - but none of this is possible without an active and committed team of volunteers.

We have always sought the help of volunteers - helping in our various intergenerational work and support work with older people. Very often these were young people looking to gain experience in health and social care, or artists keen to explore new ways to support older people in meaningful, life-enhancing activities.

Bronagh Sheridan, Volunteer, said: “I think that by being a young person I played an important role in showing the older people I worked with that many young people are caring and interested in community issues.

"I believe I challenged older people’s perceptions of younger people and what our experiences my generation has had.”

Samea Mahboob, Volunteer at Verd de gris, said: “I think the most amazing experience was seeing Verd de Gris taking so much interest in working with people from differing background and showing compassion in helping clients from various walks of life. It was amazing. It wasn’t done to hit targets or statistics for commissioners - it was more then just a job.

"It was about bringing humanity together and connecting the dots between human beings regardless of their colour, race, religion and backgrounds.”

Cath Senior, Volunteer, said: “Verd de gris are unique. I have looked at volunteering before but the unpredictable nature of my son’s illness made it almost impossible. I cannot guarantee I will be available at a specific to me.

"I believed I would never be able to have a professional life as long as my son Luke lived with me.

"Verd de gris’ approach is so different. They never lose touch with you, and keep you within their family for as long as you need their love and support.”