This is how many Yorkshire puddings are produced every year in Yorkshire

 Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings.
Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings.

Here in Yorkshire, one of the things we are most proud of is our Yorkshire puddings and no Sunday dinner would be complete without them.

This Sunday is particularly special as there is a national day of celebration in honour of the great Yorkshire pudding.

To celebrate, Aunt Bessie’s has opened its factory doors in Hull to offer an exclusive peek inside the UK’s largest Yorkshire pudding production.

The company produces 639,095,954 Yorkshire puddings per year, and, if lined up, that’s enough to stretch once around the world.

For the third year running, Aunt Bessie’s has also partnered with homeless charity Shelter, to help fight bad housing and homelessness.

The leading frozen food brand, which turns 25 next year, aims to donate £40,000 to the charity.

With the help of Chief Yorkshire Pudding Guru David Barr, the factory inspects the quality of every single Yorkshire pudding produced to ensure only the very best end up on the nation’s plates.

Any baked Yorkshire puddings that don’t make the cut are repurposed for animal feed, meaning that nothing goes to waste.

David Barr said: “Having worked at the factory over three decades, I’ve tasted thousands of Yorkshire puddings and seen lots of changes – but I’m proud to say the recipe is still as close to homemade as you can get, as we only use the best quality ingredients.

“I often get asked when a Yorkshire pudding should be added to a meal. My rule of thumb is then, if there is gravy on your plate, that you need a Yorkshire pudding to mop it up.”