Sunseekers face paying four times their flight costs - for airport transfers

Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Holidaymakers booking airport transfers at some EU destinations face paying more than FOUR TIMES the cost of their plane tickets.

New research shows that the most expensive average airport transfer fee - the cost of travelling to and from an airport to hotel - in Europe is in Geneva.

A passenger travelling from Manchester to the Swiss city in June faces an average £170.92 transfer charge for a 10-mile journey.

This compares to £37 which is the lowest one-way ticket which was available for that month, according to research by

The next most expensive is to Denmark, where you could pay £170.67 on average for the same distance transfer.

This compares to a mere £50 for the 1hr 50min, 617-mile flight between Manchester and Copenhagen Airports in June.

Also, brandishing expensive transfers are Belfast (£165.26) for a £40 flight, Weeze (Germany) (£147.19) for a £59 flight and Naples (£111.90) where a seat cost just £25,

The countries with the highest average transfer fees - the charge for taking taking passengers to and from their hotels - include France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

The cheapest transfers could be found in Milan where an average 10 journey costs £11.28 and Moscow where it costs (£12.17).

The data, compiled by the flight compensation experts, analysed the average costs of all available airport transfer routes, from train fares to private taxi hire, on 1st June to 80 different airports across popular destinations in Europe.

Costs were then compared with flights to the destinations on that same date from Manchester airport.

Those looking for a cheap holiday should consider heading to Brussels, where the flight and transfer costs combined come to under £30 per person or to Milan, Italy, for a total of £39.

Steve Phillips, at, said: “You should always be careful to check the extra costs in addition to hotel and flight prices, as you may be in for a nasty shock when you come to pay.

“Passengers think they’ve got the bargain of the century - only to find the airport transfers along with baggage costs have been added, hiking up the cost of their holiday.”

The research comes only weeks after a jaw-dropping study by APH, who found that it’s cheaper to park a plane at most of the UK’s major airports for a week, than it is to park a small car.

UK residents made 4.6 million visits abroad in January 2017 alone and spent £2.6 billion on these trips.

The number of visits has increased by a whopping 9% compared with the same month in 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics.