Rare view of solar eclipse in Calderdale

Hundreds of people will gather on this morning to get a rare glimpse of a solar eclipse - a spectacle that will not be seen over Calderdale again for nearly a century.

The near total eclipse will grace the skies above the town at 8.45am and the eclipse willbe fully visible at 9.30am.

Steven Lord and shop manager Emma Starkey

Steven Lord and shop manager Emma Starkey

However, experts have warned there is a real concern of permanent damage to vision if the right measures are not taken to protect the eyes against the sun.

A total eclipse happens when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and blocks out the light from the sun.

The Met Office has stated that although it will not be a total eclipse, more than 90 per cent of the sun will be covered.

Lords Photodigital, on Commercial Street, Brighouse, has come up with a solution to make sure people can view the rare phenomenon safely.

The shop is setting up some telescopes outside from 8.30am which will project images of the eclipse onto screens.

It is free to attend.

Steven Lord, who runs Harrison Lord Gallery, said: “The last time we had a similar eclipse was in 1999 and we set up telescopes then. It was very popular.”

He also raised concern about the dangers of looking directly at the solar eclipse without having the proper protection.

“I can’t stress enough how dangerous it is to look directly at the sun so with our projection system, everybody can see this wonderful eclipse in complete safety. It is an event not to be missed since the next one will be in 2090.”

Elsewhere at the Todmorden Astronomy Centre, people will be able to view the eclipse between 8am and 10am.

For safe viewing, there will be visual aids and live video and solar glasses provided , as well as a live solar flux monitor.