Incredible Edible: Town featured on the big screen

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German film maker Valentin Thurn’s feature length documentary film 10 billion, partly shot on location in Todmorden, is showing on May 24 at Leeds Indie Food Festival and the guest speaker is chairwoman of Incredible Edible Todmorden, Mary Clear.

Valentin’s films are always very thought provoking. You may remember Taste the Waste screened at St Mary’s Church in 2013 when Valentin flew over from Germany to introduce the film to Todmorden folk himself.

Last week Swiss TV crews were here. Having seen what is happening in Todmorden in the award winning French film Domain, they wanted to come and see it all for themselves.

They interviewed Incredible Edible volunteers and filmed some of the growing sites around town. They were very taken with our market where they filmed Bracewell’s.

It makes me wonder just how many countries have now seen our wonderful market hall and thought how lucky we are here in Tod.

The film was part of a gardening programme screened last week.

We hope to publish a link to watch it online - so keep checking our website, you may just see yourself on TV.

You will all probably have seen the new beds opposite the bus station that Asda built for us.

These are now planted with 40 berry bushes, so lots of fruity treats for everyone soon. The sides of the beds are the right size and height to sit on, so they make the perfect spot to eat your lunch from Saker, the snack bar, the chippy or the market.

We like to get the most out of everything, so dual purpose is just perfect.

Incredible tours continue. We have just had visitors from France and the UK, including staff and residents of a housing association in Halton and a group from Sefton council.

We even have folk coming all the way from far off Brighouse to find out what Incredible Edible is all about.

But there is still plenty to do to make the growing sites as good as they can be, though we are getting there. As well as providing food to share, we want the planting to look the very best it can for residents and visitors alike.

If you would like to help us, email