Halifax teacher retires after 28 years in the same school

Viv Bewick.
Viv Bewick.

Hundreds of children and their families will be remembering a teacher who is retiring at Christmas after more than 28 years teaching at Akroydon Primary Academy, formally Rawson Primary School in Boothtown.

Viv Bewick, who lives in Hebden Bridge, joined the staff in 1991 after graduating as a mature student from the Open University and qualifying as a specialist early years teacher.

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She is the longest serving member of staff at the school and for the past several years has often been teaching children of the children she taught when she first joined the school.

“I love it when I’m walking round town and a mum or dad calls out from across the street, ‘How you doing Mrs Bewick?’ and I remember them when they were four years old. And now I’m teaching their children!”

Mrs Bewick, who is currently recovering from surgery, will leave the school at the end of term and has seen eight head teachers come and go during her time there.

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“But all I ever wanted to do was teach young children and give them a good foundation,” she said.

Mrs Bewick said many things have changed over the years but that children will always be children and she has always tried to foster the joy of learning.

“I’ve loved the work,” she said, “and will obviously miss it – though not perhaps the workload these days.”

Mrs Bewick has some advice for young teachers and the stress they’re under.

She remembers being asked at her first interview how she dealt with stress. “I said I take it out on the ironing!” she said.

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