Hair and beauty: Thinking of going pastel or silver

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Like to look fabulous?

This season a new mix of silver pastels will shine through fashionable hair, highlighting a fresh, futuristic look.

Colour your hair a glamorous stonewashed denim shade of silver blue.

Welcome the denim do, creation of Stone Hair Art artistic director Loucas Giorgio and his team.

Our model Wendy said: “It grabs attention everywhere.”

The secret to the look, according to Trevor Harding, manager of Stone, is in the number of steps involved in creating the glamorous shades.

Master colourist at Stone Jenny said this is a colour that takes time and expertise, without harming your hair.

She said: “Between 10 and 15 people a week request quotes to go grey/silver or pastel colours like lavender. It’s exciting, it looks great on all ages, but it’s not cheap.”

Trevor added: “Stop and ask yourself, what stands in the way of having the hair colour of your dreams?

“It’s always something isn’t it - time, price, know-how, reactions, or just the current condition of your hair, each presents a challenge.

“But when your hair is glorious you feel better about yourself.

“Since the beginning of hair fashion, science continually offers hair-care technology so professionals like us can champion these challenges for you.”

Tom, stylist at Stone, added: “Spending this type of money and time on a service that will make you feel fashionable, sexy and the envy of your friends for weeks has far more value, than spending that kind of money on a night out or a weekend away. You get much more bang for your buck.”

Each year we get closer to our shared vision of beautiful, flawless hair, regardless of how many times we colour it, even in our later years.

Today’s colour novice can be tempted by shelves full of colour choices delivered with the speed and price of a fast-food burger.

Only now it seems these choices can have equally disastrous long term effects.

Blistering skin, tarnished tones, poisonous reactions in eyes, hair falling out in clumps, entire scalps chemically burned; the list of nightmares goes on and on while labels tempt the uninformed with brilliant claims.

Loucas said: “There are two universal rules written in Stone regarding hair colour.

Rule one - always apply a patch test before applying colour.

Professionals in the UK are required to do so, and recently some salons aren’t doing patch testing, and this is a ticking time bomb.

The second rule - condition the hair properly before application or hair damage and loss is likely to occur.

These two rules require professional skill, considerable time, and yes more than the cost of a burger.

You’re no more likely to get a professional result with an off the shelf fast-colour, than you are to get a flawless diamond from Pound Savers - buyers beware.