New minibus to serve estates is free to use this month

Residents of the Eaves and Fairfield estates in Hebden Bridge can now make use of a new minibus service that will be free to use this month.

The service, which operates from Monday to Friday, has resulted from changes to the Hebden Bridge bus network.

Operated by private firm DK Travel, it is a morning-only service which will see buses running hourly into the town centre, stopping at New Road.

Metro, which has funded the new service, known as F, says it has been introduced to replace the withdrawn service E from Fairfield.

Service F will operate initially until October and then be looked at again as part of Metro’s bus service review in the Hebden Bridge area.

Fairfield resident Sheila McFarlane said she was pleased the minibus service had been introduced by Metro but would have liked to have seen better publicity for the new route.

Mrs McFarlane said: “People don’t know about it, especially those who live at Eaves. Metro haven’t put a timetable up at the bus stop and people aren’t going to use it if they don’t know about it. It’s a very limited service - only three running in the morning and none for the rest of the day or on Saturdays and Sundays, but it’s better than having no bus at all.”

The service, which will also not run on bank holidays, starts from Fairfield at 9.30am, arriving in New Road at 9.35am and leaving at 9.40am. It will arrive at Eaves at 9.45am, departing at 9.50am to arrive in New Road at 9.55am.

The service then leaves New Road at 10.25am and 11.25am for its round trips, finally setting off from New Road at 11.55am and concluding the day’s travel at Fairfield at noon.

A Metro spokesman said printed timetables should soon be available at stops and usual outlets. The idea for initial free journeys was to assess demand, he added.