National food conference planned for the Valley

Manchester Veg People. PHOTO CREDIT: Manchester Veg People
Manchester Veg People. PHOTO CREDIT: Manchester Veg People

The challenge of feeding a growing UK population will be explored at the UK Food Sovereignty Gathering in Hebden Bridge at the end of this month.

As it stands the UK currently has no National Food Policy. Food imports are on the rise whilst domestic agricultural production is declining. This combined with a rising population means that food shortages are a very real possibility in the future.

Dan Iles, food sovereignty campaigner at Global Justice Now, said: “The production of food in the UK is a total mess. The combination of corporate controlled agribusiness, large land-owners and the power of supermarket chains means that food is produced incredibly unsustainably.

“We are joining forces with growers, workers, community groups and campaigners from across the country at the National Food Sovereignty Gathering to make sure the UK government supports small farmers and cooperatives in the UK rather than reinforcing the dominance of multinational companies.”

Attendees of the four day conference, including members of Incredible Edible Todmorden, will discuss how to help the UK to feed itself as well as taking part in group workshops.

Dan said: “Numerous studies have shown that small-scale farmers can provide food effectively to their local area. We need an approach that helps them rather than drives them out of business.”