MPs told to say ‘they do’ to LGBT rights

Luddenden Foot Ward Councillor Simon Young
Luddenden Foot Ward Councillor Simon Young

TWO Calderdale councillors have launched a campaign to force through legislation guaranteeing equal marriage rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples.

Ludenden Foot ward councillor Simon Young and Todmorden ward councillor Jayne Booth have also set up a petition lobbying Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker to change his views on equal marriage.

Coun Young spoke about the issue at a recent Calderdale Council meeting, where he had a motion passed calling for the council’s chief executive to write to Mr Whittaker and Halifax MP Linda Riordan “requesting they vote in favour in any Parliamentary vote supporting the equal marriage rights of LGBT couples to bring any proposed legislation to a reality and that they lobby for equal civil partnerships”.

Coun Young said: “I proposed this motion on behalf of the hundreds upon hundreds of LGBT citizens who call Calderdale their home. It is the right thing to do and to celebrate our wonderfully diverse, vibrant and tolerant community and to bring to life the words we all hold dear here in Calderdale that ‘Everyone Different, Everyone Matters’.”

Mr Whittaker has previously said that he would have voted in favour of civil partnerships when they were debated if he had been an MP at the time. But he said legalising same-sex marriage would “replace the tried and tested family unit, with all its problems, with one in which children are brought up by only one biological parent and only one gender”.

He said on Monday: “The current law indicates very strongly that marriage is about procreation of children, which would also indicate that to change that would take it away from being child-centred to adult-centred, which I would be against.

“The mere fact that the current law states that it is all about procreation would indicate that it is not an issue of equality.”

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