Max and James take up 1,000 burpee challenge

Max Swindells and James Oliver, Hebden Bridge fitness training
Max Swindells and James Oliver, Hebden Bridge fitness training

Max Swindells, who runs Hebden Bridge personal training business, To The Max Fitness, has thrown down the gauntlet in the hope of raising funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Together with his client and friend, James Oliver, they aim to complete a massive 1,000 burpees in record time.

Burpees are a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise.

“A close family friend sadly got meningitis and passed away a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to do something in his memory, so I decided to organise a burpee marathon”, says Max.

Meningitis and septicaemia can kill in hours. It is, therefore, extremely important to recognise the symptoms early. The Meningitis Research Foundation estimates that there are around 3,400 cases of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia every year in the UK and Ireland.

Recognising the symptoms of meningitis is vital to survival. Max hopes that the burpee marathon will raise awareness about the disease, as well as generating vital funds for research and treatment.

A keen advocate of keeping fit and setting personal goals, Max said: “Exercise releases stress as well as making you look better. No-one ever regrets a workout!

“Hopefully, the burpee event will be entertaining and people will feel moved to donate generously.

“We will be doing full chest-to-floor burpees, like those used in Cross Fit training. It is pretty hardcore! James and I will do 500 each and we reckon it’ll take about two hours. It’s going to be exhausting.”

The burpee marathon will take place on Saturday, January 31, starting at noon at St George’s Square in Hebden Bridge.

Volunteers will be collecting donations on the day, and information about meningitis will also be available. Max and James hope a good crowd will cheer them along. Anyone wanting more information can contact Max Swindells on 07788 947232. Donations can be made via Max’s Just Giving page, at: