‘It’s in my daughter’s name (she’s 2)’

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From ghastly ghouls to animal antics, the most far-fetched excuses from the region’s residents for not having a TV licence have been revealed – with two of the most ridiculous excuses coming from residents in Todmorden and Halifax.

“I don’t watch TV, it’s only on for the dog.”, was the line given by one evader in Halifax when caught by an enquiry officer, while in Todmorden, one resident gave the excuse: “I haven’t been paying because it’s in my two-year-old daughters name. I thought it was free.”

In a list of excuses that ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, one Leeds resident responded to being caught by saying “I have only just passed my driving test. I haven’t done a test for my TV Licence,” while one Wakefield man claimed “I don’t watch TV because me and the wife make our own films. We’re in the bath at the moment so go away.”

Between 94 and 95 per cent of homes across the UK are correctly licensed, but a small minority of people continue to offer TV Licensing decidedly dodgy excuses as to why they don’t have a licence when caught evading, said Matthew Thompson, TV Licensing spokesperson.

He added: “We would much rather people buy a TV Licence, which they can pay for either in one go, or in smaller weekly or monthly instalments, than make an fanciful excuse and face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.”